collective investments to Prague hotels with annual income from 16%

Before the end of ICO


Why Prague? Why Hotels?

  • Prague is one of the most dynamics real estate markets in Europe
  • Stable growth of real estate assets price is provided by the lack of territories and projects
  • Touristics flow to Prague has been growing due to the successful efforts of the city and country's authorities
  • Fast growth of Czech and Prague business increases the deficite of hotel spaces


  • SP ESTATE s.r.o. is a Czech company with 13 years experience on Prague's real estate market
  • Highly professional team with solid real estate background
  • Profounds track record in real estate project management
  • SP ESTATE owns the biggest and precise database of Czech hotels ready to be sold

Why we?

For the first time our company offers to the market investing funds into high-yield bonds with ensure coupon yield of 8% annually.

We completely defray the expenses connected with cryptocurrencies exchange convincing our investors of ensure obtaining 8% of net annual profit from their investments.

Prospectus for bond issue is registered by the Czech authority therefore the Czech government will protect the investors’ interests if necessary.

Even in case of prohibition of cryptocurrencies on the national level our team will not disclaim liability. Our investors will be able to take their funds back in fiat currencies.

Investments into our tokens are equaled to investments into investing funds. All collected funds are intended to be invested into the bonds of “SP ESTATE s.r.o.” company according to our investing declaration.

As opposed to the investing funds our project team manages “SP ESTATE s.r.o.” company having the ability to take any necessary measures for protecting the investors’ interests.



More than 13 years


More than 23 mln CZK


150 real estate project

Road Map

May 2018
Team formation, birth of the project idea
October 2018
Project preparation and packaging
December 2018
Pre-ICO. Ending January 15, 2019
January 2019
Implementation of a zero stage. Launch of the first mini-hotel project
February 2019
Start of 4 ICO stages in 2019:
February 1;
May 1;
August 1;
November 1.
April 2020
Participation in at least 7 investment projects in the company's portfolio
April 2021
The company receives income of at least 1 million euros per annum
January 2024
The company's net profit reaches 1 million euros per annum
January 2025
The company manages more than 10 projects
April 2030
The company pays off the investors and redeems all tokens.

Work process

The investments directions

The investments are attracted through the Estonian company Telemann Group OU. The Estonian registration and statutory license allow the company carrying on business on the cryptocurrency market. The projects tokens are distributed through the Estonian company only because the Czech registration of SP ESTATE does not ban direct tokens distribution but causes essential uncertainty. All cryptocurrencies transactions are intended to be made through the Estonian company that will provide cryptocurrencies exchange into fiat money and vice verse. Payouts to investors will be also provided through Telemann Group OU.

Investments attracting order

The project intends purchasing of the Czech living and commercial real estate in Czech Republic (in future other EU markets are expected to be entered) and further managing of those items for making profits. The company has been carrying on business since 2005 mastering the market and offering real estate managing service to the clients therefore operational risks for the investors are minimal. The project income base is formed due to the operations of real estate items (hotels, guest houses, office buildings) purchased at the funds collected during ICO and to the financing of deals with real estate items including mortgage retirement, development projects financing. The Czech company SP ESTATE acts as an owner of real estate items.

Tokens retirements order

Once in two years SP ESTATE company plans to send 100% of the market value growth of real estate (purchased within the project during the indicated time) for tokens buyout. The price of tokens buyout will be defined regarding the auction. The retired tokens are intended to be burned. The SP ESTATE Company is obliged to provide retirement of all tokens after 10 years since the end of tokens distribution. Their price will be defined by the last buyout auction. If necessary SP ESTATE is obliged to sell the real estate items purchased within the project for tokens buyout.


Token distribution

  • Token: Ethereum ERC20
  • Accept upon purchase SPC: ETH, BTC, LTC, XMR, XRP, EOS, XLM, DASH, ZEC
  • The use of other cryptocurrencies as well as conventional (fiat) money for the purchase of tokens is possible on request, it is possible to provide the purchase in the amount of 100 EUR or higher or the equivalent in another currency
Hard cap 1 000 000 EURO
Price for 1 SPC Token 0.1 EURO
  • Bonuses and discounts: NO
  • Min/Max purchase amount: 10 EURO / Not limited
  • 10% Remuneration of the Project Initiator
  • 50% Used in the amount of subsequent investment ICO
  • 40% ICO marketing and agency commissions


  • How does SP ESTATE work?

    Real estate items offered for investments are thoroughly selected in our unique and reliable base. Our team suggests investing in the best items in Prague and other Czech cities. Foremost we provide independent fair value measurement of the selected real estate items so that our investors could be convinced that offered items absolutely worth their price. We use long-term experience of real estate managing for working out individual reconstruction plan for every particular item. Those real estate items that were purchased with funds collected during ICO are managed by our project team itself. We take all project risks guaranteeing to our investors the highest level of return on their investments. For tokens retirement we sell the real estate items if necessary setting a price that is not lower than market value defined by an independent valuator. Our business exists as a single entity therefore in case of crisis profits from our other departments are sent to payouts to our ICO investors.

  • Where can I buy SP-Coins?

    The project tokens are distributed by the Estonian company Telemann Group OU that is the only distributor of tokens. The Estonian company provides reception, sharing and conversion of cryptocurrencies collected during ICO. The company also makes payouts to tokens holders. The same company is intended to provide tokens buyback retiring them. You are able to purchase tokens visiting the official website … The official contacts of SP ESTATE and Telemann Group OU are also placed there.

  • How are the collected funds used?

    All collected funds are intended to be converted into fiat currency that will be further invested into SP ESTATE Company bonds (excluding expenses for ICO providing and the Estonian company’s fee).

  • What is the SP ESTATE’s profit?

    SP ESTATE is able to earn money from real estate managing. Previously the company made profits for others while now it is expected to earn for itself. Profits are expected to be obtained from market value growth of real estate items under the company’s management.

  • How much will SP-Coins appreciate?

    All funds collected during ICO are intended to be invested into SP-Estate company bonds. The market value of bonds is volatile. When the market is on the rise investments to shares tend to be more profitable and the bonds’ price decrease. In case of crisis the bonds market becomes “safe haven” taking funds from the shares market. That’s why the bonds’ price commences increasing. SP ESTATE does not manage those process so particular token prices cannot be guaranteed. The company incurs obligations to pay regularly indicated coupon yield according to purchased tokens that may be regarded as bonds with minimal corporate risk. Besides, we incur obligations to provide our tokens buyout by the price connected with the market value growth of our real estate items. That is regarded as additional support of our tokens’ price.

  • What’s the plan for the future?

    We have mastered the Czech real estate market but we also plan to expand our business to other EU countries including Hungary and Slovakia. We are planning to provide the business in those countries where market should grow according to our expectations.


Stanislav Pizhov
Director of SP ESTATE s.r.o.

Team leader, founder, investor and organizer of the project, with an experience in the real property market for more than 5 years.

Vadim Shmarinov
Financial Director

Professional economist, with an experience in the international companies for more than 10 years.

Nigmetzhan Tynyshev
Hotel Manager

Student of the Higher Agricultural School in Prague with a degree in management, dynamic young realtor, specialist in communication with clients.

Aldiyar Rakhmetov
Manager apartment building management

With an experience in the real property market in the Czech Republic for more than 5 years.

Tatyana Ruzyak
HR manager

Higher education in sociology and economics, with an experience in hotel management.

Andrei Kondush
A development manager

Student of the Higher Technical School in Prague with a degree in computer science, energetic young specialist, talented organizer.